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Ole Entrepreneurial Spirit: JonnyPops

July 3, 2012

One idea + three flavors + four Oles = the invention of JonnyPops, this summer’s hit sweet treats. Whether here on the Hill, local farmer’s markets, or Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis, the homemade popsicles are becoming a widespread favorite during the hot summer months. They have been popular during our visit days thus far, and will be provided for visitors during our upcoming Summer Visit Days. Entrepreneurial spirit thrives at St. Olaf; the combination of creativity, community support, and engagement with the world outside the Hill provides endless opportunity.

JonnyPops were created and cultivated by Oles Kilian Wald ’14, Connor Wray ’14, Andrew Sather ’14 and Erik Brust ’14, who formed an investment club during their first year; an additional team member, Spencer Uttley, attends University of Wisconsin Madison. The product was established in memory of Jonathon “Jonny” Jeffrey, Brust’s cousin, who had collaborated with him for the original idea; Jeffrey died in 2010 from effects of a drug addiction. Now, a portion of JonnyPops’ profits benefit Hazelden in his memory.

To learn more about the process and the entrepreneurial creativity, click on the image below to watch a video and read the recent Star Tribune article.

If you ever doubted the value of liberal arts in relation to true entrepreneurial spirit, you’ll be proven wrong after a look at — and taste — of the JonnyPops story.

– Maggie

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