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Ole Entrepreneurial Spirit: The Norwegian Sweater T-Shirt

June 12, 2012

What do t-shirts with a Norwegian sweater print have to do with a well-rounded liberal arts education? Everything!

Oles are educated broadly and deeply to prepare themselves for anything after graduation — including a variety of careers. They learn to communicate effectively, think critically, solve problems creatively… and get plenty of practice for real-world situations while they’re students. Entrepreneur in Residence Sian Muir, who teaches in the Economics program’s Management Studies concentration, let this play out during the Fall 2011 Marketing course. In this class, student groups created businesses to sell a product or service on campus. And, on a campus with Norwegian roots, this group of students came up with one of the most popular fashion staples of the winter: the Norwegian sweater t-shirt.

To learn more about this project from Sian and the students themselves, click on the video below:

Below, summer tour guide Sheldon Way ’14 models the t-shirt (and one of the new campus Adirondack chairs).

Sheldon Way ’14

– Maggie

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