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Ole Entrepreneurial Spirit: The Norwegian Sweater T-Shirt

June 12, 2012

What do t-shirts with a Norwegian sweater print have to do with a well-rounded liberal arts education? Everything!

Oles are educated broadly and deeply to prepare themselves for anything after graduation — including a variety of careers. They learn to communicate effectively, think critically, solve problems creatively… and get plenty of practice for real-world situations while they’re students. Entrepreneur in Residence Sian Muir, who teaches in the Economics program’s Management Studies concentration, let this play out during the¬†Fall 2011 Marketing course. In this class,¬†student groups created businesses to sell a product or service on campus. And, on a campus with Norwegian roots, this group of students came up with one of the most popular fashion staples of the winter: the Norwegian sweater t-shirt.

To learn more about this project from Sian and the students themselves, click on the video below:

Below, summer tour guide Sheldon Way ’14 models the t-shirt (and one of the new campus Adirondack chairs).

Sheldon Way ’14

– Maggie

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