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And We’re Back!

July 28, 2011

Hello one and all!  We hope you have been having a wonderful summer.  Whether you graduated this spring and are headed to St. Olaf or are just starting to read as you explore your college options, this is a time of transition and–hopefully–relaxation.  For the St. Olaf class of 2015, you’re preparing to leave home for an extended period of time–most of you for the first time in your lives.  From our perspective, you’re transitioning from having admissions as your main point of contact with the college to having dozens of professors and offices and other people take care of you.  You are welcome to be in touch with us any time, though, and we hope you do keep us updated on your goings-on, because we have loved working with you.

If you’re starting your college search or are deep in the trenches of it, feel free to explore our blog archives and our website!  We’ll have many posts on our own process, our advice to you, and St. Olaf information in general in the coming weeks and months.  We wish you the best of luck as you start to explore what might fit you best for the next four years.

And, back to the rising St. Olaf first-years, if you haven’t joined the St. Olaf Class of 2015 facebook page, now is the time.  We sent out roommate assignments two days ago and roommates are connecting, dorm rivalries are being formed (all friendly, of course), and pre-Week One meetups are being planned.  If you’re not a facebooker and still want some information about the residence halls, here is a video of some of our students talking about their experience in the dorms at St. Olaf:

See you on campus!


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